My new album "Cheating The Polygraph" will be released 13th April 2015 on Kscope records. Featuring some of my favourite Porcupine Tree songs completely rearranged for modern contemporary big band by the brilliant Laurence Cottle.


Here's the track list:


What Happens Now?
Sound Of Muzak/So Called Friend
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Heart Attack In A Layby/The Creator Had A Mastertape/Surfer
The Pills I’m Taking (from Anesthetize)
Cheating The Polygraph/Mother & Child Divided


Here's my most recent book "Rhythmic Compositions" :


There are 20 full transcriptions by Terry Branam (of every singe note that I played) on the original Porcupine Tree records of these songs:


1) Blackest Eyes
2) Trains
3) The Sound of Muzak
4) Futile
5) Halo
6) Lazarus
7) Open Car
8) Start of Something Beautiful
9) Mother and Child Divided
10) Anesthetize
11) Way Out of Here
12) Nil Recurring
13) Cheating the Polygraph
14) What Happens Now?
15) Drawing the Line
16) The Incident
17) Octane Twisted
18) Circle of Manias
19) Bonnie the Cat
20) Remember Me Lover


along with lots of text explainations about the creative and recording process. Plus lots of photos



My latest record with O5Ric "The Man Who Sold Himself"




Here's my book/DVD package released by Hudson Music. Rhythmic Designs features 19 highly detailed and accurate transcriptions by Terry Branam of all the drum performances from the first two records I made with 05Ric. Plus a double sided 2 hours and 45 minutes DVD of myself explaining and demonstarting the rhythms from "Circles" & "Drop" plus a whole load of bonus material and discussions. It includes an unreleased performace from the 2008 MD Festival (and a transcription of that tune by Terry). There are drumless playalongs of six of the GH05Ric tunes.


Here's some info about our new record Circles.


Both records including my first collaboration with 05Ric "Drop" are on sale here. There are available as a CD or download in FLAC/mp3 formats.

In addition to the 4 video excerpts from my new DVD "Rhythmic Horizons" - there now are 3 new videos taken from my live performance at The Frankfurt Music Show.


There's a whole load of performance and interview videos here at Vic Firth:

I've also been answering drumming related questions on the forum page feel free to ask a question.